Creative Brief

Participants: Tiffany Lundgren, Jeremy Gonzalez, Tariq Williams, and David Mumm

November 13, 2017


What would you like us to do for you? What is the purpose and scope of the project?

Tiffany has had eleven surgeries. Her digestive system has been reduced by more than 50 percent. She’s been sick since childhood with GI issues. Celiac disease was finally diagnosed. It’s been rough. At times Tiffany has been suicidal. The turning point was her work with a naturopath to learn meditation and how to get her power back. Now, with the knowledge from her life experience and her certification as a health coach, Tiffany is ready to mentor others with GI issues to assist them in their search for health, happiness, and superfood fudge.m

The past: Tiffany’s first website was done with guidance of a mentor. She was advised to build her image as super kid friendly and appeal to the masses. As things have evolved the original website and image has started to feel less authentic.

The present: Now, Tiffany is more honest with herself. She has emerged from sickness to achieve dynamic health. Tiffany has transformed, and that transformation is at the center of her character. She has transformed from a people pleaser to a woman of immense strength, who makes her own decisions, and can power through anything. She has found a beautiful voice.

The Future: One the next five years, Tiffany will write a few books. She will connect with people and tell her compelling story. She will I’d like to teach people to eat right and feel better. She will offer assistance to those living with Celiac disease on living well.

The Project: Our key goals are to heighten Tiffany’s (already substantial) credibility and expand her reach. Once she is a known credible source for info on living well with Celiac disease, her book will easily find success.

The Book: This honest and revealing workbook will guide the reader through the complex path of living well with Celiac disease. Every product should be a gift to the consumer. So, what gift does the book give? The book offers hope and a roadmap to the good life. The book will include information about the disease, details on how to talk to your doctor, and a financial plan to assist patients as they negotiate the minefield of medical billing. The book will also offer recipes, health and beauty recipes, mind-body connection information, journaling tips, and more. It may be useful to consider the book a “workbook” for living well after a celiac diagnosis.


Steps to a successful book launch:

  1. Develop an outstanding and informative website that answers immediate questions for the audience.
  2. Develop an audience on a variety of social media channels to drive traffic to the website.
  3. Launch the book.


What does success look like?

  • Major thing: I want to make a difference. I want to tell the story to my kids. I hid my condition from them. 
  • Success would be that this book was the reference guide for Celiac.
  • Great to make enough money to donate profits.

What projects should be included initially?


  • Plan: Develop a list of goals and the strategies and tactics necessary to meet those goals.
  • Brand Story: Develop Tiffany’s brand story.
  • Name: Consider a new name for the company. Happy Healthy Life has value, but may not be the right approach to support Tiffany’s goals and story.
  • Logo: Develop a unique identifying mark. The current logo is out of character and too complex.
  • Identity Package: Business Card, Letterhead, and Envelope, storefront, and vehicle graphics are the traditional beginning. The identity should support the story and give the logo strong support. A solid identity package can easily be applied to future projects.



  • Video Storytelling: Develop a series of videos that tell you a compelling story.
  • Website Development: Include well-developed blog and online store within a website that strongly tells the brand story.
  • Website Maintenance: I always add this because a successful website must be continually nurtured.
  • Email Marketing: Grow the list and keep in touch with established contacts.
  • Social Media
  • Traditional media will not be in the mix for the first phase.



  • Writing: Go, Tiffany, Go!
  • Photos
  • Info Graphics
  • Cover Art: Always create cover art last, so it supports the completed content.


Second Step:

Promote the Bothell studio and use the projects above to brand the studio. Then, we can use the studio to support Tiffany’s brand. Note: The studio offers yoga, meditation, and health coaching. There is also a retail store that offers items endorsed by Tiffany. Retail items include yoga clothing, candles, health foods and more. Eventually, a commercial kitchen may be added so Tiffany can create value-added foods that will be for sale in the retail store. Everything sold in the retail store can also be sold in the online store.

Creative Considerations

What limitations or constraints do you have? What elements or colors or other personal preferences must be represented in this project?

The project is mostly free from constraints and personal preferences. Money is not an issue as long as it is not wasted. Tiffany does prefer a minimal and modern look. It is essential that we are careful to protect Tiffany’s health.


 Where will additional materials that we do not create come from?

The writing will, in large part, be handled by Tiffany and Mikayla. All other materials come from Spark Creative.


What are examples of projects of this type you have seen that you think are effective?

Here are Tiffany’s comments about websites she likes: “One thing I CANNOT stand is ADS. Any ads on a page and I get crazy in the head - immediately click out.

  1. Out of every site I looked at, this hands down was my #1 fav. LOVE LOVE LOVE this site. Only thing I am not sold on is how things slide in etc. Love her slideshow black and whites of her on the bottom. Overall LOVE the site and love her energy.  Love how she signs off with heart and her signature.
  2. Too girly but like the flow. You connect with her lifestyle.
  3. Do not need to say much here. speaks for itself. That catches your attention but might not be taken seriously.
  4. Very unique. Not a fan of font but colors kinda different. Nice flow.
  5. CANT STAND THIS SITE. I will attempt to not judge but shoot me if I ever go this route.
  6. This is a great write up:

Product Description

What are the goods and services your business provides?

Our key product is Tiffany. Her compelling story of recovery and life well lived should be at the center of everything we do. Once the story is established, Tiffany’s powerful endorsement will be used to promote her book, speaking engagements, and select product endorsements. Her endorsement will also create sales for products in the online store. Eventually, Tiffany may offer her own branded line of products as well.

Secondarily, we will also promote the Bothell studio and retail store.


What makes it different, unusual, or unique? 

Tiffany’s book will be so much more than a cookbook. Tiffany has a real story of struggle with a terrifying diagnosis and a long journey of transformation. Tiffany arrives at the good life, and she feels great. What’s more, Tiffany’s book is a guide to everything you need to know about living well with Celiac disease. The book will be a workbook to take the reader step by step through the process of coping with the disease, navigating treatment and restoring quality of life.

Tiffany’s book is not written by a nutritionist based on academic knowledge of how Celiac disease should affect nutrition, Instead, Tiffany’s book is written by a very real and down-to-earth woman who has won the long fight with Celiac disease. Tiffany is her own test subject, and she has first-hand knowledge of exactly what do do to beat Celiac disease. She knows far more about this process than your doctor or hospital — hospitals don’t even know how to create an appropriate diet for their patients.

Tiffany will guide the reader through the process of dealing with medical expenses, medical paperwork, insurance companies, and even finding the right way to write disease related expenses off one's taxes. She will show the reader how to make buy the right foods, prepare them deliciously, and make them affordable.

The book will also offer exercise tips to help you with constant dehydration concerns and pacing. Tiffany knows that A good sleep ritual is essential for healing. 

Tiffany’s book will be the bible for healing from Celiac disease. The book will offer answers, support, and comfort.


Some key chapters include (in no particular order):

  • exercise without dehydration
  • Good sleep — Essential for healing.
  • Restaurants and travel
  • Packing your lunch
  • Shopping in grocery stores (the minefield)
  • What would be a decent choice in the convenience store?
  • Healthy relationships.
  • Finding your five key values
  • How to effectively use your voice
  • Healing toxic relationships.
  • Body image exercise.
  • Gratitude.
  • Diet for skin and beauty.
  • Products that you love.
  • What you eat affects your beauty.
  • Weight issues.
  • SUGAR.
  • Be your health advocate.
  • How to watch your medical bills.
  • Google searches don’t alway bring you great information.
  • How to find a good doctor.


Tiffany’s core practices include:

  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Healthy diet
  • Hydration
  • Time with kids
  • Time outdoors in nature
  • Body and beauty self-care
  • Self-critique and correction
  • Mind-Body Connection


In summary: Tiffany’s book will Let’s eat healing food. Let’s do healing exercise. Let’s focus on healing sleep. Let’s have healing relationships. Be present and make healing choices. Your body is a machine. Don’t buy the cheap oil.

And, let’s explore our superfood fudge fetish. 

This honest and revealing workbook will guide the reader through the complex path of living well with Celiac disease.


What makes your business special among similar companies? What similar products or services are currently available and how good are they? 

Books: The top three books about living with Celiac disease are all quite different from Tiffany’s book. The first one is a memoir by Jennifer Esposito, an actress fighting Celiac disease. The book covers her personal story and includes some awful recipes that will definitely not improve life for those with Celiac disease. Some of the recipes even contain SUGAR! Sugar is always painful for those with Celiac disease. Another popular book is by Catherine Bedrick (spelling?) a Yogi. This book is super girly, and clearly not aimed at a male audience. The book offers beauty tips and recipes, with an awareness of mind-body connections.The third book is a basic medical guide. It is a great book for technical information about Celiac disease. Unfortunately, the recipes are full of SUGAR (again). Ugh. In summary: There are a few books out, but most are very medical or written by people who don’t have Celiac disease or who have not had a severe enough case to warrant surgery.


Who is doing it right:

• Danielle Walker is really good and has great recipes in her book Against All Grain. She is the author of has multiple books with glowing reviews on

• Cafe Gratitude is doing so many things right. They’re gluten-free Disneyland.

• Daniella Hunter at The Real Coconut has devalued a line of great food products.



There are lots of gluten-free products, but not many good ones. It’s rare to find a product that both tastes good and is healing.

Target Audience

Who is your current primary audience? How much do they know about the product? What are their attitudes toward products or businesses like yours? What motivates them?

There are 200,000 new cases of celiac each year. As one in 133 Americans has celiac disease. Unfortunately, 83 percent of people who have this terrible disease are undiagnosed.

Tiffany’s core target will be American women, 35 to 45, who have been diagnosed with Celiac disease. The message may appeal to women between 20 and 60. The members of our core target audience will be primarily interested in health gain, not weight loss. They are college educated, busy, stressed out, and frustrated with the health care system. They know nothing about Celiac disease. Nothing. They’ve discovered that most doctors and dietitians don’t know much and they are looking for someone with first-hand experience to offer guidance.

These women are tired of their condition being dismissed by waiters and friends as a fad. Celiac disease is widely misunderstood. It’s not talked about. Even the basic practices like avoiding cross contamination of food are not understood by the general public. 


What does your audience want?

These women want to feel good, to look good, they want control, they want their life back. They need a simple roadmap to assist them as the seek to regain their energy and health. They want answers, someone they can relate to and they need support. Of course, they’d like this process to be quick and easy.

User Benefits

How will the user be better off using your product or service? Will he or she save time, effort, or money How important is this product to the consumer? 

The reader will save time and effort because understanding Celiac disease requires a huge time investment. Tiffany has done the hard work, and she’s ready to share the results. Readers will also save money on meals and medical care. They will feel better, look better and possibly avoid surgery. They will feel supported and understand that they are not crazy.

Note: Readers may actually gain mental clarity as well. As a reaction to gluten, some adults and children get a brain fog that moves them quickly to fight or flight mode.

Key drawback: Tiffany is not a doctor. Tiffany is not a dietician. However, she knows more about Celiac disease than most doctors and dieticians.


What support do you have for these claims?

We do have some testimonials, and we will work to collect more.

Most Important Point

What are the top ranked benefits of your product or service?

  1. Your mind and body will feel better.
  2. You’ll feel supported.
  3. Your life outcomes will be better. I know because I took to journey from death’s door to the good life. 
  4. You’ll have an improved understanding. A tool box. A workbook. A road map.
  5. You’ll have the answer to why is this happening.
  6. You can help others with your new tool box. You’ll be able to build an understanding of Celiac disease to share with friends and family.


If you could choose only one thing the viewer remember, what would it be? 

With Tiffany's workbook, you can restore your quality of life.